California employment law makes it illegal to discriminate in hiring, promoting, terminating or acting on any number of job benefits because of a person’s race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or other protected class.  A Sacramento employment law attorney like Sean Laird can help assess whether or not you have an employment law claim against your employer, and determine wether or not you should file an employment lawsuit.  California employment law also makes it illegal to take action against an employee who actively opposes the discriminatory actions of his/her employer – this includes consulting an attorney, cooperating with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), or DFEH (Department of Fair Employment and Housing).

California discrimination lawsuits can be difficult because the employee has to prove that the underlying reason for the adverse employment action was because of his/her protected classification – i.e. (they were demoted, denied benefits, or termination, etc. because they were black, muslim, gay or whatever protected class the plaintiff alleges.)  A Sacramento employment lawyer like Sean Laird can help analyze whether you will be able to prove the employer’s actions were illegally motivated.  An employer can counter a claim of discrimination by showing that other non-protected considerations were the true motivation for the adverse employment action.

Race Discrimination

Discriminating against an employee because of the color of his/her skin is illegal.  Sacramento employee-side employment lawyer Sean Laird can help you if you have been demoted, reprimanded, terminated or have suffered some other tangible employment loss because of your race.  Like all claims of discrimination, employers will often point to pre-textual justifications for their actions.  Let employment attorney Sean Laird investigate your case and get answers to the questions which reveal the employer’s true motivation.  Contact us immediately if you have been discriminated against.

Age Discrimination

Discrimination based on an employee’s age is forbidden in California.  Sacramento employment attorney Sean Laird will investigate your claim and help you report it to the correct administrative agency.  Have you been forced out for someone younger?  Denied promotions as other, less-expereinced, less-qualified, younger candidates have advanced?  These are potential red-flags of age discrimination.  Contact us to have a confidential conversation about your case.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

California law protects employees from being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Unfortunately, even as our global mindset begins to shift toward acceptance, not all people, including some employers adhere to this standard under the law.  Sacramento employment attorney Sean Laird will challenge employers who fail to fully accept men and women because of their sexual orientation.  Contact us immediately if you believe you’ve been discriminated against.

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