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Claude Rogers was neglected at MEADOW OAKS in a constellation of patient care areas, including hygiene and inadequate monitoring of his physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.  This complete neglect led to a variety of harm to Claude at MEADOW OAKS where he was unkept, unmonitored, and recklessly neglected. On multiple occasions family members found Claude unattended in his wheelchair on the patio where he was left for long periods of time, without assistance, and would become groggy and difficult to understand.  Claude could not push himself in his wheelchair, and certainly could not push himself and open the door either to exit or enter the facility by himself. Family members, on multiple occasions, instructed the facility not to leave him outside unattended.  

On June 30, 2018 temperatures reached 103 degrees.  MEADOW OAKS staff pushed Claude out onto the patio and left him there for literally hours, forgetting about him altogether.  Hours later when a staff member found him, he was unresponsive.  Staff called 911 and Claude was transported to Sutter Roseville Hospital where he was diagnosed with severe heat stroke. His internal body temperature was 103.4, he was dehydrated, and had multiple areas of redness and blister burns on his skin. He responded to no stimuli except pain stimuli and was unable to swallow. Sutter doctors and staff were so appalled at Claude’s condition that they reported his abuse to Adult Protective Services, Department of Social Services and the Ombudsman.  Doctors indicated to the Rogers family that Claude would not recover, and recommended hospice care to ease his obvious physical and mental suffering.  He died on July 14, 2018.  His cause of death: heat stroke – prolonged exposure to sun and heat.

Meadow Oaks and Its Ownership Group Unsuccessfully Attempt to Force Rogers Family to Secret Arbitration.

Following the filing of the lawsuit on behalf of Claude Rogers, his wife, and children, the facility, Meadow Oaks of Roseville (and its ownership companies controlled by Westmont Living, Inc.) attempted to compel the family to go to arbitration.  They even insisted that the family members who had never even seen or signed an arbitration agreement should be forced to a secret arbitration that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The Defendants attempted to keep the entire family from telling their story in a public jury trial.  This attempt failed.

The Sacramento Superior Court denied Meadow Oaks of Roseville and Westmont Living, Inc’s petition to compel arbitration. The Defendants want so badly to keep a Sacramento jury from hearing this case that they have now filed a Notice of Appeal which will further delay the case.

For anyone considering living at Meadow Oaks of Roseville or any Westmont Living, Inc. owned Assisted Living Facility, beware that they attempt to get a family member to sign an arbitration agreement while having you sign admission documents.  Do not sign these agreements under any circumstances.  Moreover, beware that this facility has had multiple regulatory violations over the past three years, including this incident, which was substantiated and enhanced because the facility had been cited for understaffing in the months prior.  You can view all of the complaints and citation investigations regarding Meadow Oaks of Roseville through the Department of Social Services by clicking here.

State Moves to Revoke Meadow Oaks’ Operating License.

Following the filing of the lawsuit on behalf of Claude Rogers and his family, the State of California initiated a review of the death of Mr. Rogers and another resident at the same company’s Chico facility. After its investigation, the State of California levied a $15,000.00 fine against Meadow Oaks of Roseville, the “largest” fine it could impose against a multi-million dollar facility and its ownership, Westmont Living.

On July 3, 2019, based on the circumstances of the neglect that lead to the deaths at the two care facilities, the State moved to revoke the licenses of Meadow Oaks of Roseville and the sister facility, Compass Rose, in Chico.  It also sought to revoke the registration of Dejonnae Harris, one of the caregivers assigned to Mr. Rogers who engaged in his neglect.  Ms. Harris is currently wanted for robbery in the county of Placer.

The Accusation reads, “On or about June 30, 2018, Respondents ROSEVILLE SH LLC WESTMONT LIVING, INC. and DAJONNAE HARRIS failed to provide the care and supervision necessary to meet the needs of client #1 and failed to observe client #1’s change in condition at facility 1. Client #1 was left unattended for a prolonged period of time outside in the sun and heat. This resulted in client #1 suffering dehydration and heat stroke and ultimately led to the client’s death from heat stroke and prolonged exposure to sun and heat.”

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