Battling discrimination and unlawful treatment against employees in the workplace.

The color of someone’s skin, their age, gender, sexual orientation, or the fact that an employee took action as a whistleblower should not affect how he or she is treated, promoted or paid in the workplace.  If you feel that you have been discriminated or retaliated against, or have been paid an unfair wage or denied leave or adequate breaks, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney who represents employees in employment actions.

Keep in mind that discrimination claims are not typically based on conduct that is open and obvious.  Management will often point to pretextual performance criticisms in an attempt to mask their genuine, yet unlawful motives.  Also, consider that discrimination in any phase of employment is unlawful – this includes:

-hiring and firing

-promotion, demotion or transfers


-assignments or job classifications

-layoffs or forced retirements

-disability leave and severance packages

If you feel that your employer, supervisor, manager, or group of fellow employees have discriminated against you, it may be appropriate for you to seek advice from an employment law attorney at The Law Firm of Sean Laird.  All meetings are completely private and confidential.  Also know that retaliation against an employee for pursuing valid employment claims is unlawful and can expose the employer to additional penalties and liabilities.  We will work with you to monitor whether retaliatory conduct occurs.

With all lawsuits, time is of the essence, as some legal claims have certain time restrictions that can bar you from filing a claim if too much time passes.

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