Sexual Harassment.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the workplace can take many forms.  Quid pro quo sexual harassment is when (1) a supervisor (or agent who has the ability to make employment decisions) premises job benefits, promotions, salary increases and/or other similar benefits on the provision of sexual favors from the employee; and (2) the denial or rejection of the sexual advance results in a tangible loss to the employee – such as loss of employment, denial of a promotion, salary increase or other tangible employment benefit.

Sexual harassment can also occur between employees, where the employer has knowledge of the act or acts that constitute sexual harassment and fails to take steps to protect the employee from further sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment – Hostile Work Environment

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is also recognized when it is a result of a hostile work environment, where the sexual harassment of an employee is either so severe or so pervasive that it would be considered by a reasonable person in the employee’s situation to be hostile.  When an employer knows or should have known of the hostile work environment and fails to take immediate steps to safe guard the employee or employees, a claim for hostile work environment may exist.

Contact Us to Evaluate Your Sexual Harassment Claim

Filing a lawsuit for sexual harassment can be an intimidating task.  There are administrative prerequisites that you must accomplish in order to get the right to sue.  Whether your situation rises to the level of an actionable claim will vary depending on the circumstances, who your employer is, and other factors.  Contact us for a private, and completely confidential consultation regarding your case.  Click HERE.

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