Nursing Home Abuse Attorney – Costs.

Costs: What to Ask a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney You Want to Hire to Bring an Elder Neglect Case.

A nursing home abuse attorney will often take your case on a contingent fee agreement, but that does not always mean you don’t pay. When finding a lawyer for elderly neglect, make sure that person explains who pays for “costs” of the case while the case is proceeding and what happens with respect to the costs if you do not prevail on your elder abuse or neglect claim.

During an interview with an elder law attorney, inquire about financial aspects of the case. Questions to ask a lawyer include how often you’ll be billed or whether you’ll be billed at the end of the case. Elder abuse lawyers also have different ways of computing their legal fee and the percentage of their fee. During your elder law attorney interview, make sure you understand the arrangement so you don’t get surprised later in the process.

In an interview with an elder law attorney, find out how the office bills for its time – for example, attorneys might charge retainer, hourly or contingency fees. Also, fees for elder abuse lawyers may depend on the complexity of the case, according to the California Bar Association. Some elder abuse trials or hearings don’t require much time, but your lawyer may spend weeks in preparation. Your bill will reflect that total amount of work.

While you interview an elder law attorney, also find out about additional costs. Costs are different than the “legal fee.” Questions to ask a lawyer should cover what constitutes those costs – for instance, shorthand reporters’ charges and copying fees. If elder abuse lawyers hire experts in the case, you’ll be charged those fees as well. Other costs can range from postage to travel expenses.

As you interview an elder law attorney, get an estimate for the work needed in your elder abuse and neglect case. Remember elder abuse lawyers can make an estimate, but the total cost isn’t set in stone, because new issues may arise. In the elder law attorney consultation, find out whether a payment plan is possible if needed. Finally, ask the attorneys working with senior abuse for a written copy of your proposed financial agreement.

What we do: we work on a contingent fee basis. We do not charge you by the hour, regardless of how many hours we work and how many elder neglect attorneys work on the case. You never give us any money, for any reason, including to cover the case costs until you receive your recovery for the neglect and abuse of your loved one.

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