Ombudsmen Help Report Elder Abuse & Neglect.

Reporting Elderly Neglect: Ombudsmen Help Report Elder Abuse Allegations

People often report elder abuse to a long-term care ombudsman because they receive consumer-friendly advice. Staff members at an elder abuse ombudsman program are mandatory reporters of elder abuse and neglect, so they call appropriate authorities after they hear from you. They relay allegations of nursing home abuse, and they keep an eye on the resident or residents involved in the case. Along with reporting elderly abuse to ombudsmen, you can call them with other concerns as well, such as violation of a resident’s privacy or dignity.

If you report elder abuse to an ombudsman office and that office relays the allegations, an open case begins. The elder abuse ombudsman program is responsible for keeping up on the case until its outcome. The definition of nursing home abuse may differ among states, but helping report abuse of the elderly is usually similar. Reporting elderly abuse is complex, and ombudsmen often serve as a valuable link between consumers and officials.

When you report elder abuse, an ombudsman discusses the allegations with the reporting agency, which then investigates the facts. The determination of nursing home abuse is made at the state level and can have results such as corrective action, suspension of certification and/or monetary penalty. Along with reporting elderly abuse and senior physical neglect, ombudsmen inform you of the outcome. To stop senior abuse, ombudsmen are there to help all the way.

To report elder abuse and protect seniors, in 1978 the federal government began requiring an ombudsman program in every state. Each state’s elder abuse ombudsman program is different, but the goal is always to stop senior abuse. For reporting elderly abuse or solving other problems, most ombudsman programs rely on volunteers. If you’d like to help stop elder abuse and neglect, you can find your local ombudsman program at the at the California Department of Aging or National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center.

If you suspect your loved one has been neglected or abused at a Sacramento nursing home or assisted living facility, contact us immediately.

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