Elder Abuse Attorney Consultation.

While Interviewing a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney…

When you interview an elder law attorney, come prepared with the facts of your case. Questions to ask a lawyer during the initial consultation include whether one attorney or several elderly abuse lawyers in the office will be working with you, or whether you will be related to working with paralegals.

What to Ask an Elderly Abuse Lawyer

Before you interview an elder law attorney in the office, call to ask about the attorney’s experience in elder abuse and neglect. Questions to ask a lawyer or the lawyer’s staff before making an appointment also include how much an initial consultation costs. Consultations at our office (and others should) cost nothing. During consultations, elder abuse lawyers will discuss the various legal options open to you. These questions to ask in the elder law attorney interview prior to your in-office appointment will help you ensure you’re ultimately partnering with the right law firm.

First, as you interview an elder law attorney, ask how the office functions. Particular questions to ask an elderly abuse lawyer: Who will work on your case? Some elder abuse lawyers handle courtroom proceedings themselves, while in some offices other attorneys take on that role or they farm out the work. Learn about which attorneys working with senior abuse will be interacting with you to make sure it’s a good fit. Are they from Sacramento – despite that their website lists a “Sacramento” address.

When you interview an elderly abuse lawyer or attorney, explain your situation and ask what action is needed, see if they have knowledge of the particular facility involved? Other questions to ask a lawyer include whether there are other legal avenues possible. Elder abuse lawyers can explain the advantages of various proceedings. When an elder law attorney consultation, you should be satisfied with the give-and-take with the lawyer.

Finally, before you interview an elder law attorney, gather information the attorney will need. Elder abuse lawyers want to know what happened and what harm was caused. Also during the elder law attorney consultation, explain who was involved, plus when and where the incident or incidents occurred. Attorneys working with senior abuse may ask for many other details as well, including any documentation and witnesses to the abuse. Did they ask the right questions, to get this information from you?

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