Elder Law Attorney for Nursing Homes.

Check an Attorney’s Elder Abuse Qualifications

Not all attorneys are equipped to handle the specialized cases of nursing home abuse and neglect – the cases are highly, highly specialized.  Ask yourself these questions when looking for a Sacramento nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer.

To choose an Sacramento elder abuse attorney, ask questions even before you make an appointment. After finding a lawyer for elderly abuse and neglect, ask questions such as how much experience the attorney in elder abuse and neglect. – Sean Laird has over a decade.

Elder law specifically for nursing homes and assisted living facilities should be a substantial portion of your attorney’s practice. For Sean Laird, it is 90-plus-percent of his caseload. Physical elder neglect and abuse is a specific field, and you don’t want an elder law attorney who specializes in subjects such as tax planning or (definitely not) medical malpractice. You also want an elder abuse lawyer who is familiar with your particular concern – some specialize in financial abuse, while we focus on healthcare facility neglect.

Before selecting a Sacramento elder abuse attorney, ask a few more questions, including how long the attorney has been in practice. Sean Laird has been practicing law since 2001 and elder abuse for a decade. In finding a lawyer for elderly abuse, you can also investigate disciplinary charges against the lawyer. Contact your state bar association to learn how to access a lawyer’s history. For instance, the California State Bar provides public records of discipline, which include an explanation of why the person was disciplined. Mr. Laird has never been disciplined.

An elder abuse attorney can have years of experience, but you might not relate to that lawyer in person. When phoning to find a lawyer for elderly abuse cases, be sure to ask how much a first consultation costs – or whether there’s a charge at all. Do you actually get to speak to the elder abuse attorney?! When you meet the elder law attorney, you should only retain that person if you come away with a feeling of confidence. In cases of nursing home abuse and neglect, working well with your attorney is a vital element. See what Mr. Laird’s past clients say about him.

Read reviews!  See what people are saying on Google and Yelp! about the nursing home lawyer and what star rating do they have?

Hiring an elder abuse attorney is an important step that requires careful consideration. Finding a lawyer for elderly protection issues takes diligence and research, but the reward is retaining an elder law attorney who truly advocates for you. If elder law for nursing homes is the specialty you need, take time selecting an elder abuse attorney with that type of experience. Help prevent further physical elder neglect with the aid of a diligent elder law attorney.

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