Reasons to Report Elder Abuse and Neglect.

Reporting Elder Abuse Is Vital to Protect Seniors

Nursing home abuse – If you work at a Sacramento nursing home or assisted living facility you might try to avoid reporting elder abuse because you don’t want to be identified, but you needn’t worry. When you report elderly abuse, you can give – or decline to give – your name. To stop senior abuse in institutional settings, it’s difficult but tremendously important to step forward with testimony. You may prevent elder abuse and neglect for your loved one or for another senior.

When reporting elder abuse, have the relevant information ready. To report elderly abuse, tell what happened, when it happened, what harm occurred and who was involved – gather names, business cards, or write down information. In cases of elder abuse and neglect in a nursing home, you might not know a perpetrator’s name, but simply giving a physical description can aid investigators. Reducing abuse of the elderly depends on this kind of information.

Reporting elder abuse isn’t an exact science, so do the best you can to provide senior abuse help. When you report elderly abuse, if you don’t remember the time something happened, just mention it was during the night shift or in a particular unit and that can help narrow things down. To stop senior abuse requires strength of character and determination – qualities many frail seniors may lack. By speaking up, you can reduce elder abuse and neglect on their behalf.

Reporting elder abuse is just the first step, followed by a long process. After a report of elderly abuse, a factual report is filed with the state. If a determination of elder abuse or neglect is made, corrective action and/or monetary penalty may come next. In the campaign to eliminate abuse and neglect of elderly health, each victory makes a difference.  Call our office if you need assistance reporting elderly neglect or abuse at a Sacramento nursing home or assisted living facility.

Report neglect or abuse in a skilled nursing facility here: Dept. of Public Health

Report neglect or abuse in an assisted living facility here: Dept. of Social Services.

Pt. 3 – Click Here – Reporting To An Ombudsman. 

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